Energy efficiency, cost savings, improved air quality

With so many decisions to make, choosing the right insulation to protect your family and home from varying temperature extremes, discomfort and pollutants will make all the difference. With spray foam insulation for your home, you can turn your house into a more energy efficient, comfortable, and healthier home.

The immediate and long-term benefits of spray foam insulation far outweigh the initial costs associated with installation.  Spray foam’s insulating and air sealing material provides endless benefits.

  • Gain significant heating and cooling savings every month
  • Reduce the risk of drafts, hot or cold spots
  • Keep you and your family warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable all year round
  • Reduce the amount of dust, allergens and pollutants entering your home, protecting you and your family from allergies
  • Add resale value to your home with Icynene’s lifetime and transferable warranty

The EPA’s Energy Star Association has shown that monthly energy bills can be cut by up to 20% when air leaks are sealed and efficient insulation is installed.  From its performance advantages to its positive impact on your monthly household budget, spray foam insulation is a premium product that pays for itself quickly.

Spray Foam Insulation vs. Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation

While fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation are traditional cost-effective materials that provide thermal insulating value, a modern choice such as using spray foam insulation for your home goes beyond to offer more!

Spray foam insulates and air-seals to control unwanted random air leakage – which traditional cellulose and fiberglass insulation can’t do. Traditional insulations also leave gaps and seams around electrical boxes or light fixtures, but spray foam insulation fits perfectly around all detailing for a complete air-seal.

Icynene and Demilec spray foam expands to 100 times its original size, to fills cracks and crevices stopping air leaks. Traditional types of insulation, on their own, will not accomplish this task.

Icynene or Demilec spray foams do not contain CFC’s, HCFC’s, formaldehyde, fibrous materials, or potentially toxic PBDE flame retardants. You can also use spray foam to seal living spaces from garages, combustion furnaces, and water heaters to reduce the likelihood of breathing air from these spaces.

Spray foam is continually refined to ensure your home meet the building codes of the day, and performs for the life of your home.

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